Project Graduation

          Nathan Hale-Ray High School Project Graduation
        Sponsored by East Haddam Youth & Family Services

Each year parent volunteers organize Project Graduation; an unforgettable, all-night, substance-free party which takes place immediately following Graduation. This event allows ALL Graduates to participate in one last celebration of their achievements together! Project Graduation is sponsored by East Haddam Youth & Family Services. Contact info for the officers of the current year's Project Grad Committee can be obtained by calling EHYFS at 860-873-3296 or by sending a message to the committee via Facebook messenger.

Q: What is Project Graduation?

A: Project Graduation is an awesome, activity packed, all-night party (substance-free of course!) at a secret location following the graduation ceremony. This overnight event is organized by the Project Grad Committee to provide the opportunity for ALL graduates to participate in one amazing celebration together. Project Grad also provides a grad ceremony photo and a grad gift to each and every graduate.

Q: What do grads do at this party and how do they get there?

A: Round-trip transportation from the high school will be provided.  Seniors help plan the activities by filling out a student survey. Using student responses, the Project Grad Committee will work to put together a celebration that incorporates as many of the top rated activities as possible. The location will remain a surprise but food and fun are guaranteed!

Q: How do I make sure my student is able to attend?

A: All Seniors are welcome to attend Project Graduation!! The Project Grad committee will need permission slips filled out and submitted in advance of the party. We hope that each family will participate in our fundraising activities in some way but Project Grad is open to EVERY SINGLE NHRHS GRAD!!! 

Q: How is Project Graduation paid for?

A: Of course a party of this magnitude has a cost, about $20,000! But, there are many ways that the money for this party is raised. The Project Graduation Committee organizes fundraisers: Raffle Ticket Sales, Bake Sales, Trivia Night Event. In addition, we provide a buy-out option and we receive tremendous support from businesses and service groups. We need parents & students to volunteer to help us with these fundraising events!! 



Project Graduation’s Gift Card Fundraiser: code=860537

Project Grad $5 Raffle - visit our Facebook page for details