Community Service

The East Haddam Board of Education believes that a quality educational program provides learning opportunities beyond the classroom. It also believes that students have an obligation to their community for the education that it has provided to them.

All students are encouraged to perform at least ten hours of planned community service on a voluntary basis each year; the four-year expectation will be forty hours of voluntary service. Community service forms can be accessed on the school counseling website or through the school counseling office. If community service takes place in more than one venue, a form needs to be filled out for each.

Students must complete an application that is signed by an adult responsible. This person verifies the volunteer time served and the nature of the volunteer work performed. In order for students to have the work noted on their student records however, they must submit the completed “Community Service Form” to the Counseling Office before June each year. Blank forms are available in the Counseling Office.

Senior Service Award:

Students who fulfill the service requirements listed below will be honored with a service cord at graduation.


1. 100 service hours completed during the junior year (including the previous
summer) and documented through Nathan Hale Ray’s guidance department,
2. 100 service hours completed during the senior year (including the previous
summer) AND documented through Nathan Hale Ray’s guidance department

Required Procedures:

All service hours must be documented with the appropriate community service form and submitted to guidance department completed Students are required to turn their forms in when their volunteer work is completed for each activity. Forms must be submitted by the deadline dates stated below or the forms will not be accepted:

JUNIORS- COMPLETED forms must be submitted before June

SENIORS- COMPLETED forms must be submitted no later than the last day of the 3rd quarter

PLEASE NOTE – Student may not submit hours for community service for which they are already receiving credit (i.e. Senior Project, senior community experience)