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Nathan Hale – Ray High School Profile

CEEB CODE:  070430

Location and Description
Nathan Hale-Ray High School is a fully accredited school of approximately 330 students located in rural Moodus, a village in the town of East Haddam, CT. East Haddam is bordered on the west by the Connecticut River and is 25 miles south of the capital city of Hartford. It is 10 miles north of the shoreline town of Old Saybrook. Nathan Hale-Ray is one of three schools serving the residential town which has a growing and diverse socio-economic population of 9,500.


Regular Program:  The curriculum of English, Mathematics, Sciences and Social Studies is enriched with a World Language program (French and Spanish), Art, Music, Technology Education, Business Education, Vocational Agriculture, Life Skills, Health and Physical Education.

Advanced Placement Courses:  AP English Literature and Composition, AP English Language and Composition, AP U. S. History, AP Art History, AP Statistics, AP Psychology, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, and AP Biology offer students the opportunity to participate in the Advanced Placement Exam offered by the College Board.

Partnership Programs:  Students who are juniors and seniors and have a minimum of a “B” average have the opportunity to enroll in courses at Wesleyan University and/orMiddlesex Community Technical College.

School-to-Career:  Career work experiences are provided to students through an active Cooperative Work Education (CWE) program, Senior Project/Experience, and a Work Study program. Through planned, carefully sequenced programs, tailored to individual interest, each involved student progresses toward his or her employability goals.

Virtual High School (VHS): Students have the opportunity to take on-line courses through VHS that would not otherwise be available to them at our school.

Early College Experience (ECE): This program allows students to receive both high school and college credit concurrently from the University of Connecticut through the courses of Introduction to Companion Animals and French Grammar and Culture.

Senior Project: A project-based experience designed to enhance a student’s awareness of potential career interests and fields of study.