Nathan Hale-Ray High School prepares all students to meet 21st century expectations as self-motivated, lifelong learners in a positive environment.  The school collaborates with the community to promote the development of college and career ready citizens in a diverse, global society.

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NHRHS Teacher of the Year 
East Haddam District Teacher of the Year!

Deborah Batt


"Deb works tirelessly to know and understand her students in order to meet their needs and support their growth as learners and individuals. She understands each student's unique learning style and ability and employs creative methods to inspire them all. She is strategic yet compassionate in her approach to teaching. Deb consistently reflects upon her instruction and her students' response to her lessons. She exudes intelligence, creativity and humility, such traits make her a role model for students and colleagues. Deb has also taken on a leadership role as Instructional Facilitator for a department which is comprised of multiple content experts; she has proven herself to be an adept leader."

"Awesome teacher, leader and person."

"Deb Batt is one of the best teachers, leaders and peers I have ever worked with. She is an amazing, inspirational teacher who goes well beyond the duties of the average high school teacher. This is not a stipend position but there are many students involved. In non-pandemic years, Deb runs an after school art club for students and an art show for the community to showcase her students work. As one walks through the high school, artwork from Deb’s students is displayed in many places. She is proud of her student’s accomplishments and shares these with the school community. I am always in admiration of what I see! I have always heard positive words from my students about Mrs. Batt and art class. I have yet to hear anything negative from students!"

"Deb assumed the role of IF partway through last year. She led the CTE/UA content area team through the pandemic acting as an amazing resource and encouraging leader. Deb is always supportive, is never too busy to help or listen and advocates for her team members. She is an inspiration to us! She is a great role model for students and for other teachers - kind, caring, dedicated, open minded, passionate about teaching and art. Deb leads by example being hard working, compassionate, awesome listener. She works tirelessly for students and team and is a great advocate for the CTE/UA team."

NHRHS Support Staff of the Year!

Debra Thibodeau


"Debbie adds a tremendous amount of positivity to the school environment. She is always willing to go beyond what is expected of her when it comes to assisting teachers and students. One example includes running the Wednesday after school support for students that need the extra help organizing and prioritizing assignments. Debbie took the idea and ran with it."

"She always has the students’ best interests in mind and will do whatever is in her power to support them. In addition, Debbie began a movement here at the high school revolving around kindness and helped to create a TRIBES activity, She created and purchased Kindness Cards for students to complete one act of kindness for another. Debbie purchased kindness bracelets for every student and faculty/staff member, and she never misses an opportunity to treat another person with kindness. She is one of the hardest working people I know and deserves this award hands-down!"

"Deb has taken on many responsibilities overseeing students in many capacities this year. Along with supervising the Wednesday after school extra help program, she assists the media center teacher by   getting every student a Chromebook this year and continues to do so for each day as needed by students.  During the pandemic time last spring, she kept us all in good spirits with her weekly Dr. Jellybean appearance and guessing game (with prize!) on the morning announcements; she also created all the routes and organized the cap & gown drop-offs to the Class of 2020. (this was a huge undertaking!) I think Deb has been one of the most valuable staff members at the high school"

"Debbie, without a doubt, deserves to be recognized for her actions to help students succeed while creating a positive environment for all members of Hale-Ray."

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Brighton Ashton


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