Community Service

Although Nathan Hale-Ray High School does not currently require community service to meet the graduation requirements, we strongly encourage all students to perform at least ten hours of planned community service on a voluntary basis each year.

Senior Service Award

We recognize students who document 200 hours or more of community service throughout their high school years with a Community Service Honor cord at graduation. This recognition is sponsored by the Nathan Hale-Ray High School chapter of the National Honor Society. Students do not need to be members of the chapter to receive this honor.

Seniors: Please submit your community service form to your counselor by the end of quarter three.

Getting Credit

To be recognized for their time, students must complete a Community Service Report, collect the verifying adult’s signature, and return it to the counseling office by June of each school year. (A “verifying adult” is the person-in-charge of your volunteer time. He or she verifies the time served and the nature of the work performed.) Please note: Students may not submit hours for community service for which they are already receiving credit as a requirement in another class or for graduation; for instance, their senior project or senior community experience.